Oil Change

Why should you have a well-serviced transmission?

Replacing your automatic transmission filter and fluid at recommended intervals will save you time, money and aggravation.
• Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) keeps the moving parts of the transmission lubricated so they can run smoothly.
• It keeps fluid clear and clean so it can cool and lubricate the transmission properly.

Oil change

Our full service oil changes start at $48.99 and includes a free $8 exterior car wash at our on-site car wash OR a $3 discount. Our full service oil change includes the following:

Up to 5 quarts of oil. Engines that use more oil there is an upcharge.

• Oil filter
• Lube chassis, if applicable.
• Check and top off each of the following fluids:
• Windshield washer solvent
• Anti-freeze
• Power steering fluid, if applicable.
• Brake fluid
• Clutch fluid, if applicable.
• Transmission fluid, if applicable
• Rear and front differential, if applicable
• Transfer case, if applicable
• Brittain’s Wellness Check ™
• Visually check belts and radiator hoses
• Check engine and cabin air filters
• Check and inflate tires
• Exterior light check
• Lube door hinges
• Clean front and back windows
• Reset oil maintenance/oil life indicator light
• Check wiper blades
And this is all performed in 10 minutes! * We even service cars with skid plates/splash shields with no extra charges. We also have no shop disposal fees or shop supply fees! All prices are as is plus sales tax.
* Some vehicles require additional time